GeoCoPS (3.0)

GeoCoPS is an interactive program for the design of geosynthetic tubes. For a given problem, the geometry of the tube and the circumferential and longitudinal required strength of the encapsulating geosynthetic are produced. The computations account for reduction factors related to seam strength, durability, creep and installation damage. Results are obtained by solving a differential equation subjected to design constraints. The user, however, is not directly involved with the calculations thus no knowledge of differential calculus is needed… GeoCoPS can also provide the consolidated shape of the tube in an approximated manner. This may be important for assessing storage capacity or for construction of structures such as levees.

Version 1.0 of GeoCoPS was developed by ADAMA Engineering (formerly Leshchinsky, Inc.) for the US Army Corps of Engineers in 1995. The current version (3.0) is an outgrowth of the original version. It is based on the report entitled Geosynthetic Confined Pressurized Slurry (GeoCoPS): Supplemental Notes for Version 1.0, by Dov Leshchinsky and Ora Leshchinsky, Technical Report CPAR-GL-96-1, September 1996, US Army Corps of Engineers, Waterways Experiment Station. Version 3.0 has both computational and functional enhancements compared with version 1.0.

You can purchase a copy of the US Army Corps of Engineers report via the Internet by entering the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) website. Once in this website, type the following in the search field: Geosynthetic Confined Pressurized Slurry. To place an order, follow instructions. Link to NTIS now.

To review the background of program GeoCoPS, you can download the Supplemental Notes (as a PDF file). These notes also appear as part of the Help in program GeoCoPS. Download GeoCoPS Supplemental Notes.