Why LimitState:GEO?

Why LimitState:GEO?
LimitState:GEO allows users to rapidly determine the critical failure mechanism and margin of safety for any type of problem, including those involving:

  • Slopes
  • Various soil structures with reinforcement (MSE walls, slopes, etc.)
  • Retaining walls
  • Foundation footings
  • Combined problems, including any of the above

LimitState:GEO is the only commercially available geotechnical software product to use the ground-breaking Discontinuity Layout Optimization (DLO) limit analysis technology that allows one tool to rapidly and directly evaluate stability, whatever the problem geometry.

LimitState:GEO has been designed to be extremely easy to use and output has been validated against a wide range of benchmark problems.

Easy to Use
The LimitState:GEO user-interface is designed to be intuitive, modern and fully interactive, allowing even novice users to build a model from scratch in a matter of minutes. Predefined wizards are also available to enable commonly encountered geotechnical problems to be setup and analyzed even more rapidly. Once a model has been created, it is easy to then change any aspect of the problem geometry, loading, materials or partial factors (for use in LRFD design).

With LimitState:GEO, the ultimate limit state using a factor on strength (to determine Factor of Safety) or a factor on load (how much load can be increased until failure) can be analyzed.

Understand more
LimitState:GEO users can quickly explore a large number of ‘what if’ scenarios, each time viewing the corresponding failure mechanism and building up an increasingly clear understanding of both the likely mode of response and the key parameters influencing overall safety.

Forensic Tool
LimitState:GEO is an ideal tool for forensic studies. Its animation feature provides vivid demonstration of how failures evolve. Using animation during design may possibly eliminate the need for forensic investigation.