GeoCoPS (3.0): Order

Cost per License:

1 to 3 licenses

$650 each

Buy Online

4 to 6 licenses

$600 each

7 to 10 licenses

$550 each

11 and up

$450 each


Shipping of Dongle via UPS

Next day (US only)


Second day (US only)




Need a new installation? Each program has a unique license number thus requiring unique installation program. To get new custom-made installation as a download, a fee of $75 per installation is charged. To place a request, please click on ORDER NOW, select the program(s) for which you request new installation(s), and type the amount of $75 for each installation. Cost of Shipping is zero as the new installation is delivered via internet. Please provide your License Number in the Comments space.

ADAMA Engineering keeps a record of purchases. Purchase by a customer having the same name, company affiliation and address in each separate order may entitle that customer for the progressive price noted above. The price will be adjusted for such a customer based on the number of copies purchased over time (however, the cost of S&H is applied for each shipment).

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Duty and tax charges (e.g., customs, VAT) are the responsibility of the buyer. ADAMA Engineering is not responsible for duties and taxes.

Note: Each program is shipped with a hardware lock device (dongle). The dongle enables you to run the software, thus constituting a license. Lost dongles will not be replaced. It is recommended to follow a good business practice and insure your license in case the dongle is lost. ADAMA Engineering cannot provide such insurance.