ReSlope (4.0): Order

Cost per License:


1 to 3 licenses

$650 each

Buy Online

4 to 6 licenses

$600 each

7 to 10 licenses

$550 each

11 and up

$450 each

Shipping of Dongle via UPS

Next day (US only)


Second day (US only)




When selecting the desired shipping rate, please note:

1. Received orders are usually processed within 2 working days.

2. UPS logistical issues, such as severe weather conditions or equipment problems, may result in delivery delay.

Upon processing your order, you will receive an email with the following information:

1. Receipt of payment.

2. Link to download the software as well as instructions for its installation

3. UPS shipment tracking number. 

With the purchase of ADAMA software you get a setup program (setup.exe) which properly installs the software in your computer system.  Should you lose the setup program or if it is outdated (possible with new operating system introduced after your software was purchased), you may need a new installation and the statement below is applicable to you.

Need a new installation? Each program has a unique license number thus requiring unique installation program. To get new custom-made installation as a download, a fee of $75 per installation is charged. To place a request, please click on ORDER NOW, select the program(s) for which you request new installation(s), and type the amount of $75 for each installation. Cost of Shipping is zero as the new installation is delivered via internet. Please provide your License Number in the Comments space.

ADAMA Engineering keeps a record of purchases. Purchase by a customer having the same name, company affiliation and address in each separate order may entitle that customer for the progressive price noted above. The price will be adjusted for such a customer based on the number of copies purchased over time (however, the cost of S&H is applied for each shipment).

Note: Each program is shipped with a hardware lock device (dongle). The dongle enables you to run the software, thus constituting a license. Lost dongles will not be replaced. It is recommended to follow a good business practice and insure your license in case the dongle is lost. ADAMA Engineering cannot provide such insurance.