Comments by Users

“As a specialist in the design of mechanically stabilized earth walls and slopes, I have found the MSEW, ReSlope and ReSSA programs to be the best analytical tools available for design. ”

“These programs are accurate, easy to use, and the graphics provide the user with a clear understanding of the problem being designed. ”

“The user is able to input a wide variety of loading conditions which are not available with other programs. ”

Blaise J. Fitzpatrick, P.E.

Fitzpatrick Engineering Associates, P.C. 1237 Highfield Drive
Lawrenceville, Georgia 30043

“The series of geotechnical programs developed by Dov and Ora are used in both research and teaching at Columbia University. ”

“Other civil engineering disciplines are aided with computer programs, therefore students definitely expect the same in geotechnical engineering courses. I hope that Dov and Ora will continue to combine their expertise of computer programming with geotechnical theories to develop other computer programs, ranging from bearing capacity to liquefaction, that will also be accepted by both educational institutions and practicing engineers. ”

Professor Hoe I. Ling

Department of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics
Columbia University
500 west 120th Street
New York, New York 10027

“Since 1995 ReSlope has met our design requirements for geogrid reinforced slopes from simple 3m to 4m high slopes to more demanding slopes of up to 24m in height. ”

“The big advantage for us is the easy to use interface that covers a wide range of design options. This allows us to run a range of sensitivity analysis over a short time period of time, which is not easily achievable with some of the more complex design programs currently available. This is especially critical where soil strengths and groundwater conditions have not been fully checked or tested. ”

“The comprehensive and informative output provides the full picture of the reinforcement needs offering advantages in the optimization of reinforcement strengths and lengths. ”

Gordon R. Stevens

Maccaferri New Zealand Ltd. 3 Goodman Place
Penrose, Auckland 1135
New Zealand

“MSEW is my wall design software of choice because the program will model many types of wall facings and complex geometries, and it is based on the documented engineering principles of Demo 82. ”

“I am especially pleased with the technical service provided by ADAMA Engineering. Every question I have asked was answered quickly and completely. ADAMA has helped me with the software’s computational questions and helped with Windows/MSEW questions. It has been great to own software that I can truly get technical support for!”

Edward T. Austin, P.E. President

Aspen Consultants
275 Northwest Blvd. Fenton, Missouri 63026

“The design of MSE slopes and walls occupies a unique corner of the civil engineering world. Typically, in both the private and public sectors, these items are specified to be designed and constructed by the successful (low bid) contractor. The contractor in turn bids these services to the geosynthetic materials supplier community. The material suppliers are responsible for putting together a preliminary design to estimate quantities and submit their bids. For this they often rely on their engineering consultant, who will be ultimately responsible for the design of the MSE structure.

So, the actual designer of these structures is 3 to 4 parties removed form the project design team. Providing a quick, cost efficient design that will not only result in a successful bid for the material supplier but also meet the specific site requirements and the standards of engineering practice requires flexible design tools. For the MSE structures where the variables include a wide range of possible geosynthetics, as well as variable soils, facings and geometries, efficiency is only achieved through computer aided design programs. Although there are numerous programs and design methods to choose from, it is our experience that there are none more flexible than ReSlope and MSEW. These programs were developed by a recognized authority in soil mechanics and the application of geosynthetics. Use of various generations of these programs by geosynthetic manufacturers, FHWA and USACE certainly serves as an endorsement.

Since 1994 we have used ReSlope exclusively for the design of MSE Slopes. The introduction of MSEW in 1999 quickly supplanted the wall programs we had been using previously. While easily digested outputs and graphics are expected, the real strengths in the ADAMA programs lie in the allowable designer input. These include easy manipulation of geosynthetic types, length and locations; user manipulation of subsurface stratigraphy parameters; variable loading conditions; etc. As a bonus, the ADAMA programs include global stability analysis which is a rarity in most other computer aided MSE design vehicles. Finally, a Help program which is intimate with the computer screen should be applauded.

ReSlope and MSEW are computer tools that allow the engineer to design for the parameters of the real world while meeting the often unreal expectations of a low cost, bid driven environment. ”

James F. Cloonan, P.E. Geotechnical Group Leader

Duffield Associates, Inc. 5400 Limestone Road
Wilmington, Delaware 19808

“ReSSA is a very powerful, user-friendly, program for the design and analysis of MSE structures. Having used numerous other programs throughout the years I particularly like this program and highly recommend it to anyone involved in the design of reinforced soil slopes. ”

“ReSSA is much more than a conventional slope stability program. Especially useful is the program’s ability to analyze both the internal stability and external stability of MSE slopes having complex subsurface conditions and slope geometries, while following currently accepted design methodologies. ”

“Dov and Ora Leshchinsky have developed a program that those of us in practice can feel comfortable with using as part of our design work. In addition, the technical support they provide is excellent; they seem to go out of their way to be of assistance and to answer any questions. ”

Gregory Reuter, P.E. , P.G. Senior Geotechnical Engineer

GME Consultants, Inc. Minneapolis, Minnesota