ADAMA Engineering provides the following types of consulting:

Technical support related to the operation of its software: This support is free. It is best provided via email; however, phone or fax may be used as well.

Technical support related to design aspects when using its software: This support may not be free. Its cost will depend on the nature of inquiry and the amount of time needed to properly respond.

Consulting related to geotechnical engineering not associated with its software: This activity is charged based on a negotiated fee, which depends on the scope of the project.

Development of specialty geotechnical software: This charge depends on scope of the development and whether royalty-free distribution is desired.

Contact us at:

Phone: (+971) 224-4187

Email: adama@geoprograms.com

Our address is:

ADAMA Engineering, Inc.
12042 SE Sunnyside Road, Suite 711
Clackamas, OR 97015



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