ReSSA (3.0) is an interactive program used to assess the rotational and translational stability of slopes. It was specially developed to allow for convenient inclusion of horizontally placed reinforcement, thus enabling the design and analysis of mechanically stabilized earth slopes. Reinforcement properties follow AASHTO guidelines. However, the user can override all default values. ADAMA Engineering had developed the copyrighted program ReSSA Version 1.0 for the US Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). Version 1.0 has been designated exclusively for use by US State Highway Agencies and by US Federal agencies. ADAMA Engineering offers version 3.0 to the public. This version includes an important enhancement allowing exploration of 3-part wedge mechanism, with and without reinforcement, using Spencer's method. ReSSA (3.0) can be used as a generic slope stability program considering circular slip surfaces (Bishop Method) and 2- or 3-part wedge slip surfaces (Spencer method). An instructive article demonstrating the use of ReSSA (3.0) in a case of complex geometry of reinforced tiered slope can be downloaded. Download Article. ReSSA (3.0) can also be used for base-reinforced embankment over soft soil.

Note: ReSSA (3.0) can generate and display the spatial distribution of the safety factors (i.e., Safety Map): Download applications of Safety Map. The user now has several options for plotting the color coded safety map.



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