OptumG2 is a comprehensive finite element program for geotechnical stability and deformation analyses.

Its modern graphical user interface ensures an intuitive and efficient workflow. The computational core builds on state-of-the-art numerical algorithms that lead to an unprecedented efficiency and robustness – independent of the complexity of the model.

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Upper And Lower Bounds
Compute upper and lower bounds on bearing capacities or safety factors to obtain a rigorous and accurate estimate of the exact solution.

User Interface
The OptumG2 graphical user interface is based on modern concepts of human-computer interaction ensuring an efficient and intuitive workflow.

Accurate Material Models
OptumG2 contains both simple and advanced constitutive models for soil and rock including Mohr-Coulomb, Hoek-Brown, Modified Cam Clay, and EMC.

Find out more about the capabilities of OptumG2. Get an overview data sheet here.



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