Cost per License:

1 to 3 licenses

$1,150 each

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4 to 6 licenses

$950 each

7 to 10 licenses

$800 each

11 and up

$650 each

Order by Mail  

Special Discount: Registered owners of program ReSlope versions 3.0 or 4.0 are entitled for a discounted price of $650, one license of ReSSA for each license of ReSlope. No additional discount, such as educational discount, is available for this special price. This option allows for continued use of ReSlope independent of ReSSA (each has its own hardware key).

Upgrade: Licensed owners of ReSSA Version 2.0 are entitled for an upgrade cost. One upgrade per each existing license. Cost of upgrade $150 + Shipping and Handling via UPS Express.
Note: To obtain an upgrade you must return first your existing hardware key (dongle). Upon receiving the dongle with payment, a new installation CD and a new USB dongle will be shipped.

Educational Discount: Universities worldwide are entitled for 25% discount, regardless of the number of programs purchased. This discount is not applied to the cost of S&H.

ADAMA Engineering keeps a record of purchases. Purchase by a customer having the same name, company affiliation and address in each separate order may entitle that customer for the progressive price noted above. The price will be adjusted for such a customer based on the number of copies purchased over time (however, the cost of S&H is applied for each shipment).

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Duty and tax charges (e.g., customs, VAT) are the responsibility of the buyer. ADAMA Engineering is not responsible for duties and taxes.

Secure Onlline Ordering:
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Note: Each program is shipped with a hardware lock device (dongle). The dongle enables you to run the software, thus constituting a license. Lost dongles will not be replaced. It is recommended to follow a good business practice and insure your license in case the dongle is lost. ADAMA Engineering cannot provide such insurance.



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